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Ready to implement?

Get support your way! Choose between a 1-on-1 session or join a group session with a few other emerging visionaries on the road to bringing their vision to a reality.

My name is Kari...


I help women navigate through their God-given visions (even when they don't realize they have one).


My primary gifts are exhortation, service, and helps.

I'm a natural listener who believes everyone deserves to not only be heard, but listened to....especially women.

I love mapping out and streamlining processes that make your life easier.

People need what's inside of you. I​'m here to help you bring it forth.

The Visionary's Midwife

"Kari's been very beneficial with helping me as (Not Your Average Church Girls's) leader look at where we're at and really helping my vision become even clearer."


—  Christine L., Leading Lady

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