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No More Sitting On Your Ideas

This is where ideas get implemented
& vision becomes clear.
Let us help you operate in purpose and show up for those you're assigned to.
Select what you need:

Need to talk through your ideas with someone who "gets it"? We will help you uncover the steps needed to go from idea to implementation. 

Bring your vision to life. RSVP for an upcoming virtual co-working session, join to gain full access to the directory of resources or sign up to list your services!

Gain clarity of what purpose looks like for you by navigating through 5 key areas broken down in this recorded workshop.

Use this free tool to help you think through the fundamentals of your idea(s). Who are you serving? What are their problems & how will you solve them?

Need a strategic thought partner, more streamlined processes, or technical support? We'll help you breathe easier whether monthly or as needed.

Browse our collection of "Visionary", "Founder", and "C.E.O." gold-plated wearable affirmations.

All necklaces can be worn separately or stacked together.

Let's Face It. That Pull You Feel, Isn't Going Away.
You Want To Have An Impact, Serve The People You're Assigned To, & Align With Your Purpose. 
But you likely:
  • Feel overwhelmed at the thought of all it will take to accomplish
  • Aren't sure where to even start or find the help you need 
  • Disqualify yourself by focusing on all of the pieces you feel you're lacking
  • Experience imposter syndrome because you don't realize how your vision and purpose align
What if we told you there was a way to push beyond all of this and begin implementing your ideas without the overwhelm? Let us help you identify actionable steps you can take now towards your vision.
This Is What Implementing Your Ideas Sounds Like..
Even In A Pandemic 

Hey, I'm Kari...


I help women navigate through their God-given visions (even when they don't realize they have one).


My primary gifts are exhortation, service, and helps.

I'm a natural listener who believes everyone deserves to not only be heard, but listened to....especially women.

I love mapping out and streamlining processes that make your life easier.

People need what's inside of you. I​'m here to help you bring it forth.

The Visionary's Midwife

"Kari's been very beneficial with helping me as (Not Your Average Church Girl's) leader look at where we're at and really helping my vision become even clearer."


—  Christine L., Leading Lady

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