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Where Vision
Becomes Clear

Pretty plus size black woman wearing oversized royal blue glasses from Parlor Eyewear
Let's Face It. That Pull You Feel, Isn't Going Away.
You Want To Have An Impact, Serve The People You're Assigned To, & Align With Your Purpose. 
But you likely:
  • Feel overwhelmed at the thought of all it will take to accomplish
  • Aren't sure where to even start or find the help you need 
  • Disqualify yourself by focusing on all of the pieces you feel you're lacking
  • Experience imposter syndrome because you don't realize how your vision and purpose align
What if we told you there was a way to push beyond all of this and begin implementing your ideas without the overwhelm? Let us help you identify actionable steps you can take now towards your vision.
Client Highlight:
Shaina Anthony, Operation Own It

Meet the Founder

Pretty plus size black women wearing all black with long curly hair and natural makeup

Kari N. Simpkins is passionate about helping emerging visionaries gain clarity, get unstuck, align with purpose, and implement their God-given ideas. Coining phrases like “Girl, Clean Your Glasses” or “Done over Perfect”, she is described as someone who will push you further into purpose. In August 2019, she founded The Frame Parlor – where she has served as a strategic thought partner for clients across multiple sectors including ministry, real estate, consulting, philanthropy, selfcare, and education.


Often recognized for her love of oversized eyewear, Kari launched Parlor Eyewear, a subsidiary of The Frame Parlor, in August 2022. Kari curates bold colors and styles offered in collections aptly named “Walk Heavy” or “Make It Plain” after the scripture Habakkuk 2:1-2. Along with her necklace collection of “VIsionary”, “Founder”, & “CEO”, it is Kari’s desire that any time someone wears an item from The Frame Parlor, they will be reminded to walk in all that God has created them to be.

In her professional life, Kari has spent most of her career supporting visionaries through philanthropy.  While dismantling barriers and creating access to funding opportunities for Black & Latinx community groups in her local region– Kari has helped distribute multiple 7 figures to date.

The Visionary's Midwife

"Kari's been very beneficial with helping me as (Not Your Average Church Girl's) leader look at where we're at and really helping my vision become even clearer."


—  Christine L., Leading Lady

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