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Let's Face It. That Pull You Feel, Isn't Going Away.
You Want To Have An Impact, Serve The People You're Assigned To, & Align With Your Purpose. 
But you likely:
  • Feel overwhelmed from doing EVERYTHING manually and/or by yourself
  • Aren't sure where to even find the help you need 
  • Disqualify yourself by thinking you have to reach a certain level before outsourcing 
  • Experience frustration from using more energy on day to day operations than vision-casting and growth activities
What if we told you there was a way to push beyond all of this and breathe easier with streamlined processes even if you're just getting started? 
This Is What Implementing Your Ideas Sounds Like..
Even In A Pandemic 

Hey, I'm Kari...


I help women navigate through their God-given visions (even when they don't realize they have one).


My primary gifts are exhortation, service, and helps.

I'm a natural listener who believes everyone deserves to not only be heard, but listened to....especially women.

I love mapping out and streamlining processes that make your life easier.

People need what's inside of you. I​'m here to help you bring it forth.

The Visionary's Midwife

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